Cranberry 5040mg 90 Tablets


Cranberry Tablets 5040mg High Strength – Urinary & Immune Health for Women & Men – 90 Counts Vegan One A Day 3 Months Supply Non-GMO UK GMP Certified

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Unlock your ultimate urinary health and embrace the power of nature with Labrecipe’s Cranberry 5040mg 90 Tablets. With its high strength and exceptional benefits, this vegan-friendly supplement is your key to a healthier and more vibrant life.

Cranberries, a staple in Northern American diets since the 16th century, have long been recognised for their remarkable properties. Now, you can enjoy the advantages of cranberries in a convenient tablet form. This product contains the finest American cranberry, Vaccinium macrocarpon, carefully extracted and packed into each easy-to-swallow tablet.

Our Cranberry 5040mg tablets are manufactured in the UK to the highest GMP standards, ensuring consistent quality and safety. We prioritise your well-being and guarantee that our product is free from fillers, preservatives and hidden additives. Trust in Labrecipe’s commitment to excellence.

Discover the incredible benefits of our Cranberry 5040mg tablets. Each tablet offers a potent dose of cranberry fruit extract, supporting urinary tract health and promoting a healthy bladder. Experience the antioxidant power of cranberries, protecting your cells from damage and boosting your immune system function. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to vitality.

Our Cranberry tablets also aid in maintaining a healthy digestive system, supporting optimal gut health. Whether you’re a man or a woman, vegan or vegetarian, our tablets are suitable for everyone seeking to enhance their overall well-being.

With 90 tablets in each bottle, offering a 3-month supply, our Cranberry 5040mg tablets are designed for your convenience. Just one tablet a day is all it takes to unlock a world of benefits. Take control of your urinary health, boost your immune system and embrace a life of wellness with Labrecipe.

Product Benefits

SUPERCHARGE YOUR URINARY HEALTH – Our high-strength Cranberry 5040mg tablets support a healthy urinary tract, reducing the risk of discomfort and promoting optimal bladder function. Experience the power of natural ingredients to enhance your well-being.

IMMUNE BOOSTER EXTRAORDINAIRE – Fortify your immune system with our antioxidant-rich Cranberry tablets. Packed with natural goodness, they help defend against seasonal changes and promote overall immune health, giving you the protection you need.

UNLEASH THE POWER OF NATURE – Harness the potency of 5040mg of Cranberry fruit extract in each tablet. Our vegan-friendly formula, made in the UK to GMP standards, ensures you receive the highest quality product, free from fillers and hidden additives. ADD TO CART now.

YOUR DIGESTIVE ALLY – Maintain a healthy digestive system and support optimal gut health with our Cranberry tablets. Let the natural ingredients work their magic, helping you feel great from within and promoting overall wellness. Feel the difference today!

THE PERFECT VEGAN COMPANION – Our Cranberry 5040mg tablets are specifically formulated to suit vegans and vegetarians. Embrace a plant-based lifestyle while enjoying the remarkable benefits of cranberry, a true gift from nature.

ONE TABLET A DAY, A WORLD OF BENEFITS – Experience the convenience of our one-a-day Cranberry tablets. Each tablet provides a high potency dose of 5040mg, ensuring you receive optimal support for urinary health, immune function and overall vitality.

NATURE’S ANTIOXIDANT POWERHOUSE – Say goodbye to oxidative stress! Our Cranberry tablets are rich in antioxidants, helping to combat free radicals and protect your cells from damage. Embrace a healthy lifestyle and let nature’s goodness shine through.

MADE IN THE UK, TRUSTED QUALITY – Our Cranberry 5040mg tablets are manufactured in the UK to the highest GMP standards. Rest assured, you’re investing in a premium product that prioritises your health and well-being.

THE ULTIMATE URINARY SUPPORT – If you’re seeking relief from frequent urination or discomfort, our Cranberry tablets are here to help. Trust in the power of natural ingredients to support your urinary tract health and regain control of your life.

UNLOCK YOUR VITALITY – Discover the holistic benefits of our Cranberry 5040mg tablets. From promoting a healthy bladder to supporting your overall well-being, this natural supplement is your key to vitality. Embrace a life of wellness and seize the day!


Bulking Agents: (Di-Calcium Phosphate, Microcrystalline Cellulose), Cranberry Fruit Extract, Corn Maltodextrin, Anti-Caking Agents: (Silicon Dioxide, Stearic Acid).

Suggested Use

Adults, take 1 tablet daily, with water and food.

This Product Does not Contain

Dairy, gluten, lactose, maize, soya, starch, wheat, yeast, artificial colors, artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.


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