Dog Calming Complex 120 Tablets


Dog Calming Tablets for Anxiety, Fireworks, Travelling, Barking – 120 Counts Natural Chicken Flavour up to 4 Months Supply Non-GMO UK GMP Certified

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Discover the ultimate solution for your anxious furry friend with our Dog Calming Complex 120 Tablets. Designed to support dogs struggling with anxiety, hyperactivity and stress, this chicken-flavoured supplement is a game-changer. Made with human-grade ingredients, including Taurine, L-Theanine and Ginger Extract, it’s time to transform your dog’s life and witness a newfound sense of calm.

Why choose our Dog Calming Complex? It’s not just another option on the market— it’s the number one choice for pet owners seeking a natural and effective solution. Convenient, easy to administer and boasting a delicious chicken flavour, these tablets will be eagerly devoured by your dog. Alternatively, they can be crumbled up and concealed in treats or food.

Say goodbye to restless nights and unruly behaviour. Our expertly formulated blend of ingredients is known to provide a calming effect, managing excitement and hyperactivity. Watch as your dog’s focus improves, making training sessions a breeze. Thunderstorms, fireworks, or any stressful situation will no longer be a challenge. Our Dog Calming Complex helps your dog overcome specific fears and find peace of mind.

We take quality seriously. Manufactured in the UK to the GMP code of practice, our product adheres to the highest standards. With no fillers, preservatives or hidden additives, you can trust that your furry friend receives only the best. Recommended by veterinary professionals, our non-GMO formula is a safe and reliable choice for your beloved pet.

Product Features

INSTANTLY CALM YOUR ANXIOUS DOG – Transform your furry friend’s life with our Dog Calming Complex. Expertly formulated with human-grade ingredients, this chicken-flavoured supplement soothes anxiety, hyperactivity, and stress. Watch as your dog finds inner peace and a balanced state of mind.

UNLEASH A STRESS-FREE LIFESTYLE – Say goodbye to restless nights and unruly behavior. Our natural blend of Taurine, L-Theanine, and Ginger Extract provides a gentle yet effective calming effect, managing excitement and promoting better focus. From thunderstorms to car rides, your dog will conquer fears and thrive in any situation.

THE SECRET TO HARMONIOUS RELATIONSHIPS – Improve your dog’s behavior and enhance training sessions with ease. Our Dog Calming Complex reduces excessive barking, aggression, and separation anxiety, allowing you to enjoy a stronger bond and stress-free time apart. ADD TO CART now and experience the difference.

VETERINARY RECOMMENDED FORMULA – Trust the experts! Our dog calming tablets are recommended by veterinary professionals for their efficacy and safety. Made in a GMP facility, our Non-GMO formula contains no fillers, preservatives or hidden additives. Rest assured, your pup deserves only the best.

MADE IN THE UK – Join thousands of satisfied pet owners who have witnessed the transformative power of our Dog Calming Complex. Proudly made in the UK, our product carries the seal of quality assurance. Give your dog the gift of tranquility and order now. Your pup’s happiness is our priority.


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