Green Lipped Mussel 500mg 90 Capsules


Green Lipped Mussel 500mg 90 Capsules – Joint & Mobility Support – High Potency Omega 3 – up to 3 Months Supply New Zealand Non-GMO UK GMP Certified

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Experience the remarkable benefits of our Green Lipped Mussel 500mg Capsules and transform your joint health and overall well-being. Sourced from the pristine coastal regions of New Zealand, our premium-grade supplement offers a natural solution to support joint mobility and maintain healthy bones and cartilage. With each capsule packed full of nutrient-packed goodness, you’ll feel the difference in no time.

Why choose our Green Lipped Mussel capsules over other options? Let us tell you why. First and foremost, our product is formulated to deliver maximum potency and efficacy. We understand the importance of quality, which is why our capsules are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). You can trust that you’ll receive a consistently high-quality product, free from fillers, preservatives and hidden additives.

What sets our Green Lipped Mussel capsules apart is the unique composition of this remarkable mollusc. With its dark brown/green shell, vibrant green lip and a single abductor muscle, this species stands out from the rest. Packed with Omega-3 fatty acids and Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), it provides unparalleled joint support and powerful antioxidant protection against oxidative stress.

We’ve enriched our capsules with Vitamin C, a vital nutrient that contributes to the normal formation of collagen for the function of blood vessels, gums, skin and teeth. It also plays a crucial role in energy metabolism, the functioning of the nervous system and psychological well-being. By choosing our Green Lipped Mussel capsules, you’re not only supporting your joints but also fortifying your immune system and overall vitality.

Product Benefits

UNLEASH JOINT POWER – Experience the ultimate joint support with our Green-Lipped Mussel capsules. Packed with potent nutrients and high-grade Omega-3 fatty acids, they promote joint health, mobility and flexibility. Say goodbye to discomfort and embrace an active lifestyle!

SUPERCHARGE YOUR IMMUNITY – Boost your body’s defence system with our premium Green Lipped Mussel capsules. Enriched with natural antioxidants and Vitamin C, they protect cells from oxidative stress and support a healthy immune response. Stay strong, vibrant and ready to conquer any challenge!

DISCOVER NATURE’S SECRET – Harness the power of New Zealand’s pristine waters with our sustainably sourced Green-Lipped Mussel capsules. Rich in Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and bioavailable nutrients, the capsules nourish your joints, promoting their smooth function and longevity. Enhance your overall well-being today! ADD TO CART now.

UNRIVALED QUALITY, UNMATCHED RESULTS – Made in the UK in a GMP-certified facility, our Green Lipped Mussel capsules contain no fillers or hidden additives, delivering pure, non-GMO goodness to your body. Experience the difference and enjoy a life full of vitality and vitality!

YOUR TRUSTED JOINT COMPANION – Labrecipe’s Green-Lipped Mussel capsules are the go-to choice for individuals seeking relief from joint discomfort. Whether you’re an athlete, a pet owner or concerned about age-related issues, our high-strength formula provides the support you need. Invest in your joint health today and unlock a world of possibilities!


Green Lipped Mussel (Molluscs) (Brown Rice Flour), Capsule Shell: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid).

Suggested Use

Adults, take 1-2 capsules daily with water and food.

This Product Does not Contain

Dairy, gluten, lactose, maize, soya, starch, wheat, yeast, artificial colors, artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.

Allergy Advice

This product contains molluscs.


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