Green Tea Extract 12480mg 90 Capsules


Green Tea Capsules 12480mg High Strength for Weight Loss, Immune Health & Metabolism – 90 Counts up to 3 Months Supply Vegan Non-GMO UK GMP Certified

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Experience the extraordinary power of Green Tea Extract 12480mg capsules and unlock the key to a healthier, more vibrant life. Our Labrecipe Green Tea Extract is formulated to provide you with the highest quality supplement that stands out from the rest. With its potent blend of natural ingredients and numerous health benefits, it’s no wonder why our customers can’t get enough of it.

Harness the weight loss potential of our high-strength Green Tea Extract. Derived from the Camellia Sinensis plant, this non-fermented extract is a trusted ally in achieving your desired body shape. Boost your metabolism, burn fat and say goodbye to unwanted pounds. Watch as your confidence soars and your reflection in the mirror becomes a testament to your success.

Our Green Tea Extract also supports various aspects of your overall well-being. Maintain normal blood sugar levels, promote healthy brain function, and support oral health and healthy teeth. Nurture a strong cardiovascular system and a balanced nervous system. With every capsule, you’re giving your body the care and attention it deserves.

Indulge in the convenience of our 90 capsules, each packed with an impressive 12480mg of pure goodness. Suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, our product is designed with your dietary preferences in mind. We prioritize your safety and satisfaction by adhering to UK GMP standards during manufacturing. From start to finish, we guarantee consistently high-quality products that you can trust.

Why settle for less when you can have it all? Our Green Tea Extract is a powerhouse of benefits that will transform your life. Boost your energy levels, promote healthy skin and enjoy the convenience of a one to three-month supply. Embrace your journey to better health with Labrecipe and experience the difference that sets us apart.

Product Benefits

UNLEASH YOUR WEIGHT LOSS POTENTIAL – Experience the power of our high-strength Green Tea Extract, scientifically formulated to support your weight loss journey. Burn fat, boost metabolism and achieve your desired body shape with ease.

ENERGISE YOUR MIND AND BODY – Elevate your mental clarity and focus with our premium Green Tea Extract. Unlock your cognitive potential, enhance memory and stay sharp throughout the day. Reach new heights of productivity and achieve your goals effortlessly.

SUPERCHARGE YOUR METABOLISM – Ignite your body’s natural fat-burning furnace with our potent Green Tea Extract. Accelerate your metabolism, shed unwanted pounds and reveal a slimmer, healthier you. No more sluggishness, only boundless energy and vitality. ADD TO CART now.

SUPPORT YOUR HEART HEALTH – Nourish your cardiovascular system with the antioxidant-rich properties of Green Tea Extract. Maintain a healthy heart, promote optimal blood circulation and keep your ticker strong. Prioritise your heart health and experience the joy of a vibrant life.

REVITALISE YOUR SKIN FROM WITHIN – Unlock radiant and youthful-looking skin with our Green Tea Extract. Its powerful antioxidants combat free radicals, reduce oxidative stress and promote healthy skin cells. Reveal a glowing complexion that turns heads and boosts your confidence.

OPTIMISE YOUR DIGESTIVE WELLNESS – Support a healthy digestive system with our premium Green Tea Extract. Soothe discomfort, aid digestion and maintain a balanced gut flora. Experience improved nutrient absorption and bid farewell to digestive woes.

BOOST YOUR IMMUNE DEFENCE – Strengthen your body’s natural defences with our Green Tea Extract. Fortify your immune system, ward off harmful invaders and stay healthy year-round. Don’t let illness hold you back; embrace a robust immunity with confidence.

REJUVENATE YOUR OVERALL WELLBEING – Embrace a holistic approach to wellness with our Green Tea Extract. From hormones to oral health, enjoy the numerous benefits this superfood brings. Feel revitalized, balanced and ready to take on life’s challenges.

VEGAN-FRIENDLY AND NON-GMO – Our Green Tea Extract is made with care, suitable for both vegans and vegetarians. We prioritize your dietary preferences while ensuring the highest quality standards. Trust in our product’s purity and ethics.

MADE IN THE UK WITH PRIDE – Our Green Tea Extract is manufactured in the UK, adhering to strict GMP standards. We guarantee the utmost quality, safety and efficacy. Join thousands of satisfied customers and experience the difference Labrecipe brings.


Green Tea Leaf Extract, Capsule Shell: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Anti-Caking Agents: (Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide).

Suggested Use

Adults, take 1 capsule, up to three times daily, with water & preferably food.

This Product Does not Contain

Gluten, corn, dairy, wheat, eggs, tree nuts & peanuts, artificial colors, artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.


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